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About Encaustic Wax Art
I predominantly work with the medium of Encaustic Wax. This unusual medium is made from pigmented beeswax and is heated using specialist tools which I use to manipulate the wax. What I find most captivating about this unique medium is the depth of colour and expressive mark making that can be achieved with it. The wax is not a precise medium to work with and you often have to work and make decisions quickly. I feel it is these special qualities that suit my hand and ‘loose’ style of working, as I create that ‘captured moment’ in wax.

The encaustic equipment and wax blocks.
The encaustic equipment and wax blocks.

To fully appreciate how I 'capture a moment' in encaustic wax, please watch the video montage below of me painting a seal pup!

Prices for my encaustic wax art  can vary depending on the scale and the amount of detail in the piece. Email me at for further details.

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